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Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Desert Rose and Ruby

Pet Charms for Thriving!

Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulums

And all Love Sets including:

Self Love Crystal Set
Love Attraction Crystal Set
Lasting Relationship Crystal Set
Overcoming Grief Crystal Set
Love Crystal Set


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Self Love SALE 25% OFF

Self Love SALE 25% OFF

February is the perfect time to celebrate LOVE, and SELF LOVE. Treat yourself to something special – something even better than chocolate – and use coupon code "selflove" at the checkout to get 25% OFF!

Better Homes & Gardens: 10 Amazing Things You Need to Know About Decorating With Crystals

Better Homes & Gardens: 10 Amazing Things You Need to Know About Decorating With Crystals

Crystals can do more than simply jazz up your bookcase or coffee table. Many people believe crystals have healing powers that can influence positive change. Learn more about their properties, plus how to decorate with crystals in your home. Written by PJ Feinstein.
Feng Shui Your Home Using Crystals

Feng Shui Your Home Using Crystals

Vogue wrote an article about Healing Crystals at Home. However! They failed to explain how to use crystals in your home. Happy Soul is here to give you some tips! First, you will want to clear/clean the present energy of your home, to make way for new positive energy. There are a number of ways to do that, whichever way speaks to you the best. There is not a right or wrong way to clear your home as long as you have positive intentions in mind.

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