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What's Happening at Happy Soul?

Crystal Facial Rollers: Step By Step

Crystal Facial Rollers: Step By Step

Using a Crystal Facial Roller will add a crystalline energy component to your skin care regimen. As modern working people, we tend to hold a lot o...
Well TO Do's Summer of Crystals & the Father's Day Special: Tiger's Eye and Desert Rose

Well TO Do's Summer of Crystals & the Father's Day Special: Tiger's Eye and Desert Rose

Some things are just more powerful in pairs. But how do you know which crystals are meant to be together and which are just not compatible?
Crystal Bath Rituals

Crystal Bath Rituals

How much do you love your bath time? How much do you love your crystal collection? Crystal Vibration Mania is real! People have been putting crystals and stones in their homes, pockets and bath water, all around the world, and have been doing so since the old ages. Using crystals in bathing rituals is quickly becoming a rising trend (#crystalbath). Here at Happy Soul, we are often asked which crystals are safe to use in water, to raise the vibrations of your body and to balance and energize your chakras.

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