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Pyramidion Life Energy Pyramid CLEARANCE 30% OFF!
Pyramidion Life Energy Pyramid CLEARANCE 30% OFF!
Pyramidion Life Energy Pyramid CLEARANCE 30% OFF!

Pyramidion Life Energy Pyramid CLEARANCE 30% OFF!

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Harness the pure healing spiritual energy of the universe with a PYRAMIDION Life Energy Pyramid, for meditation, healing, enlightenment, longevity and divination. A 2-foot-tall mega-sized connection to the universal bio-energy!

The Pyramidions' size, sacred geometry shape, spherical hardwood joints and magnetic north alignment, all contribute to the drawing in of vast amounts of bio-energy, life energy, or "Qi," which is omnipresent in creation.

Energetic hot spots of the Pyramidion are the centre (about 1/3 up from the base), a bubble emanating around the pyramid from the centre (Pyra: fire + Mid: middle), a flame of bio-energy off the bottom, and a double helix beam from the top of the Pyramidion.

This two-foot collapsible Pyramid is very easy to set up and take down, and comes with a luxurious cotton wrap for storage.

Applications & Effects

Pyramidion Life Energy Healing

Benefit the body, mind and spirit by spending one hour laying down with your head inside the pyramid, counselled by the universal intelligence and your Energy Guide.

Pyramid Meditation

Gain deep and profound peace in meditations inside the Pyramidion.

Pyramid Divination

Insights, answers, clarity and solutions to issues past – present and future.

Pyramid Longevity

Time slows down outside of the Pyramidian, with life energy bringing back the vibrancy of youth.

Pyramid for Water

Bioenergized water if purified, has healing benefits, tastes and smells sweeter, is more syrupy, and brimming with health when charged under a medium Pyramidion.

Pyramid Crystal Healing

Crystal spheres, reiki stones and pendants have extra powerful healing and psychic effects when charged inside the Pyramidion.

Pyramid Plant Growth

All plants will rapidly grow and flourish under the pyramid.

Pyramid & Pets

Keep your pet happy and healthy with a Pyramidion over their bed.


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