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Pillar Candle - Peace - Reiki Energy Charged (Dark Green) - Happy Soul Online

Pillar Candle - Peace - Reiki Energy Charged (Dark Green)

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"May my mind, heart and soul reach a state of perfect serenity. May all of my thoughts and actions reflect my pursuit of a peaceful and tranquil existence."

Essential oil fragrance blend of myrrh, ginger root, vanilla, clove and caraway seed.

Charge Your Candle

Sit in your sacred place and will the energy to surround and protect yourself with the magical white light of the universe. Hold the unlit candle and begin to feel the energy held within. Will the magical energy into your being where it is most needed. It is now time to light your candle and recite the candle's blessing: Manifest a Miracle! I will it so... so be it.

We urge you to use our candles in the love and light with which they were created. Remove the label before lighting. For best results, place in a suitable flameproof dish and trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Each pillar candle is 7" tall and weighs up to 200g.

Handcrafted in Connecticut.