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Green Aventurine Triangle Crystal Necklace - Happy Soul Online

Green Aventurine Triangle Crystal Necklace

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How can you get more out of life?

Green Aventurine contributes to the heart's well-being and helps to bring good luck and new opportunities and relates to the heart chakra

This necklace features a beautiful tumbled natural gemstone triangle of Green Aventurine, secured by a silver setting, which is a unique and designer touch, and allows the beauty of the natural colour to be visible. The pendant is hung on a 18" silver (925) chain.

This necklace would be a perfect choice for a gift full of meaning and personal significance to yourself or someone else.

Each crystal slice is approximately 5mm thick, 1" in length and weighs 8 grams.


 This necklace is also available in Rose QuartzAmethyst and Carnelian.

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