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NEW! Higher Self Crystal Grid Kit x25 High Quality Crystals & Flower of Life Cloth

NEW! Higher Self Crystal Grid Kit x25 High Quality Crystals & Flower of Life Cloth

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Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful energy tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals and intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry and your intention.

Tools included in Higher Self Crystal Grid Kit

  • Flower of Life cloth grid
  • 12 Amethyst Points
  • 12 Clear Quarts Points
  • Clear Quartz Tower - center activator crystal
  • Instructions and diagrams on how to build a basic grid

Crystal Grid layout process

  1. First, decide on what goal or intention you are looking to manifest. Make sure that you feel joyful at the time you are making your grid.
  2. Cleanse your space by burning Sage or Palo Santo to clear the energy of your space. You can add some relaxing music (ambient, classical, nature sounds, etc.) and light a candle.
  3. Write your intention on a piece of paper, then fold your written intention and place it under your Flower of Life cloth.
  4. Breathe deeply and state your intention or visualize it in your mind.
  5. Set up the surrounding stones in your crystal grid layout. Start from the centre and move toward the exterior. As you are placing each stone into your grid, make sure you keep your intention in mind.
  6. Activate the crystal grid with your activator. Take the Clear Quartz Crystal Point, and starting from the centre, draw an invisable line between the centre crystal and each stone to energetically connect them.

Your Crystal Grid is now activated! We recommed leaving your Crystal Grid in tact for 30 days or more.

Look at your Crystal Grid with a 5-minute meditation or relaxation time, allowing yourself to vibrate with it. Try to do this 1-2 times every day for the next 30 days.