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Event Room Rental


Crystal Rentals




Happy Soul can provide you with many stunning crystals, such as:

 Crystal Geodes

 Salt and crystal lamps

 Large Statement Pieces

 Large amounts of tumbles or small raw crystals

 Crystal and metal singing bowls

That you need for any occasion or project such as:

 Wedding or Special Event

 Movie Set or Photo Shoot

 Display or Expo



1. Customer comes in to Happy Soul and select crystals in the Store.

For rental, No prices or estimates are done over the phone or email.

2. Crystals are Purchased in Full. On Return you are fully refunded and

then charged 15% per 5 Day increments. Minimum rental fee is $50

plus HST.

3. Proof of Project or Agency may be required.

4. Any Damaged Crystals will result in purchase of that Crystal.


Please call or email store to arrange appointment: 647-348-0961.

Do you have a special occasion coming up and need large and stunning crystals? Don't buy them, rent them from Happy Soul! We can provide as many large or small crystals that you need for any occasion or project such as:

  • wedding, party or special event
  • movie set or photo shoot
  • display or expo

Contact us for a Crystal Rental Consultation.


Custom Crystal Grid Design

Crystal grids are a powerful ways to set and send your intentions out into the universe or change the energy of a space for:

  • Money & Success
  • Love & Romance
  • Protection & Clearing
  • Health & Wellness

Happy Soul has a team of professional Crystal Master Experts to help you define a grid that works for you. Contact us to book a Custom Grid Design Session.


Crystal Consultation

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the vast selection of crystals? Learn about what crystals will be best for you while being taught about each crystal from a professionally trained Crystal Expert.

  • personalized crystal zodiac sets
  • crystals for your individual chakra needs
  • crystals for your intentions or needs

Contact us to book your own personalized Crystal Consultation.

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