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Clearing & Smudging Services

Smudging, Clearing & Crystals 
For Homes or Businesses

Happy Soul will take care of all your clearing needs. We keep a healthy stock of all types of smudging tools:

  • over 10 varieties of sage
  • over 20 varieties of incense
  • over 3 varieties of Palo Santo
  • over 6 varieties of clearing sprays

    Happy Soul is professionally staffed by trained Clearing Experts. Contact us to book a Clearing Session.


    Smudging Using White Sage or Palo Santo

    Smudging is the best way to send things running from your home or place of work:

    • ghosts or spirits
    • entities or portals to other realms
    • negative energy from others or psychic attacks
    Contact us to book a Smudging Consultation.

      Clearing Using Sound

      Since ancient times, sound has been used to clear spaces and raise the vibration. At Happy Soul, our professionally trained Clearing Experts use:

      • Tibetan Chimes
      • Brass and Crystal Singing Bowls
      • Blessed Tibetan Bells
      Contact us to book a Clearing Session using sound.


      Crystals In Spaces

      Placing crystals in your home or work space is a powerful way to set and send your intentions out into the universe, or to change the energy of your home or business for:

      • Money & Success
      • Love & Romance
      • Protection & Clearing
      • Health & Wellness
      Happy Soul offers professional crystal placement in your home or business location by Crystal Master Experts. Contact us to book a detailed consultation.


      Energetic Services

      Happy Soul is professionally staffed by a team of Energy Workers & Spiritual Experts who will come to your home or place of business. 

      Are you:

      • moving?
      • selling a new or old home?
      • suffering from a sudden need of repairs?
      • feeling sad because your home feels heavy?
      • experiencing arguments in your home?

      In your business/work place, are you:​

      • looking to increase success and profitability?
      • needing to sell the business or property quickly?
      • wanting to remove competitors' bad energy and intentions?
      • needing protection from negative spirits and forces?

      Prices start at $150 for condos/small homes, $300 for large homes/businesses. Prices may vary based on your needs. Contact us to book a consultation for Energetic Services.