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Capricorn Sun Zodiac Set - Happy Soul Online
Capricorn Sun Zodiac Set - Happy Soul Online

Capricorn Sun Zodiac Set

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This year with help from our crystal experts Joey Wargachuk & Graciela Gabica we have created crystal sets that will aid you in your Journey through the 12 zodiac signs no matter what sun sign you were born in.

Check back each month as we reveal these beautiful, high quality crystal sets!

Each Capricorn Sun Crystal Set Includes Orange Calcite and Amazonite.

Orange Calcite - Enables Joy and Energizes

Amazonite - Motivates you to speak your truth, flow of emotions.

This month as we move through Capricorn (December 22 to January 19) the need for fun and joyful vibrations of Orange Calcite is essential with the heavy external vibrations of order and discipline that you may feel traveling through this sign of the zodiac. Amazonite is about connecting the throat chakra to the heart for motivation for the right reasons, so this pairing gives you the motivation to make your own happiness.

Each stone is approximately 0.5-2" and every one is unique and varies in shape and size, and the sizing of the stones are a close approximation

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