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Chakra Crystal Pendant Necklace - Happy Soul Online

Chakra Crystal Pendant Necklace

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Each chakra necklace is made using natural gemstones that correspond to each of the seven chakras: crown (purple), third eye (indigo), throat (blue), heart (green), solar plexus (yellow), sacral / navel (orange), and the root chakra (red). 

These 7 chakra chips are used in reiki and are a great meditation tool that helps to heal your feelings and your soul. When worn, this necklace helps to promote health, beauty, good luck and healing; to help you maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind, as well as empower you with grace and ease, with less anxiety, reduced stress, deeper fulfillment and with a renewed sense of purpose. 

This necklace features a creatively stacked crystal chips and hang from a 24" silver chain.

Each crystal pendant measures approximately 1-1.25" long and weighs 14-18 grams, and each crystal is completely unique and one of kind.

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