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The holidays are just around the corner which means shopping is just around the corner! For some, shopping is one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer, for others, not so much! Regardless of the type of shopper you are, direction is always helpful! With this under $25 gift guide, you’ll be sure to find the ideal gift for that special someone! Here are just a few gift ideas that will be sure to please both your loved ones and your wallet!


The Pocket Book of Stones - $23.00 CAD

The ideal gift for someone who is just getting into crystals or is looking to learn more about crystals is The Pocket Book of Stones! This little book has so many beautiful pictures showcasing all the crystals and gems from A-Z! This gift is a great introduction to stones and their energies and will be such a valuable present.


Shungite Cellphone Chips - $18.00 CAD

Everyone is on their phones these days, why not gift a crystal that will protect your loved ones from electro-magnetic frequencies? The Shungite plate is great for cellphones, you simply paste the self-adhesive Shungite plate to your cellphone or your phone’s cover and it will give you a sense of security. This gift is great for many friends and family and have additional discounts when you purchase six or more!


Palo Santo, Lavender, and Lemurian Clear Quartz Point Bundle - $12.00 CAD

This beautiful little bundle is wrapped so delicately and ready to be given as a gift to whoever your heart desires! This little bundle comes with two sticks of palo santo, lavender and a Lemurian Clear Quartz point. The crystal will help with accessing messages of oneness, acceptance and guidance. The lavender will help with relaxing and provide a cleansing feeling which resembles a natural stress reliever. The Palo Santo can be used before meditating, to clear our aura and our space and remove any lingering negative energy.


Dalmatian Jasper Crystals – Generator, Heart, Tumbles

Dalmatian Jasper crystals are an amazing gift choice when you’re looking to bring some joy and excitement into your relationships. Dalmatian Jasper is all about seeking out where there could be help in relationships whether that is with how you act or what you need to see in that specific connection! The Dalmatian Jasper Generator ($25.00 CAD), the Dalmatian Jasper Heart ($25.00 CAD) and the Dalmatian Jasper Tumbles ($2.00 CAD) are great gifts individually or together as a bundle! The joy and excitement within your relationships will sure to flourish with these energy crystals.


Votive Candle Set - $3.00 CAD EACH

Nothing screams festive like red and green candles. These aren’t just regular candles however, these candles are used for protection, potency, esteem and long life. The red candle, designed for protection and potency, is dragon’s blood and the green candle, designed for esteem and long life is sage! These candles burn up to 12 hours and will leave your loved one lingering in the beautiful scents you’ve gifted them! Both of these candles at $3.00 CAD each with additional discounts if you purchase 6 or more!



Necklaces are the absolute best gifts this holiday season and all the more special when you’re gifting it with energy crystals! We’ve got three different necklaces that are all compatible with your budget!


Carnelian Triangle Necklace - $25.00 CAD

The Carnelian Triangle Necklace is such a beautiful gift to give to your loved ones. Carnelian is a great crystal for someone who may need a little courage or overall general physical strength and stamina. It is a crystal that corresponds to the sacral/navel chakra. Those who are gifted with this beautiful necklace are going to feel some amazing energy and vibrations from the carnelian!


Green Aventurine Triangle Necklace - $25.00 CAD

The Green Aventurine Triangle Necklace is an amazing gift choice for someone who is of great significance in your life! Green Aventurine is designed to focus on the well-being of the heart. It is also an energy crystal that will bring good luck, opportunity and place of self-worth. This beautiful necklace is a great option to really show someone you care.


Selenite Necklace - $25.00 CAD

The Selenite Necklace is a great cleansing gift for your family or friends. Selenite crystals are best used for cleansing auras, rooms and other crystals. Wearing such a powerful energy crystal will help with connecting you to your spirit guides and give you a sense of clarity!


Glass Straws with Crystals - $12.00 CAD

A unique gift idea for your family and friends are glass straws with crystals! Not only are you saving the planet, but you’re also providing yourself with positive energy from the crystals to support your wellbeing as well! There are four different glass crystal straws.

Amethyst Glass Straw: Amethyst will provide you with strength within your spirituality and will help with your psychic abilities and dream recollection.

Rose Quartz Glass Straw: Rose Quartz will support you in loving yourself, universal love and creating a peaceful confidence within yourself and in your environment.

Citrine Glass Straw: This crystal will help manifest and attract wealth in your life along with an abundance of positivity energy!

Clear Quartz Glass Straw: Clear Quartz is a great crystal for helping with balance and energizing the chakras and auras!


Citrine Raw Point - $24.00 CAD

Citrine Raw Point is a great addition to your gift for your loved ones as it helps with manifesting and attracting wealth. It’s beautiful gold, white and yellow tints of colour will look beautiful in any setting or environment and will shower you with positive energy and high vibrations.


Selenite Heart - $12.00 CAD

Another great gift that could even be used as a stocking stuffer is the Selenite Heart! Nothing shows your love more for someone than giving them a crystal heart that will cleans their auras, rooms and crystals all while connecting them to their spirit guides.


Rose Quartz Heart - $15.00 CAD

Nothing says “I love you” like a Rose Quartz Heart. Rose quartz brings a lot of self-love and universal love as well. This crystal is a great gift choice for someone who deserves peaceful confidence and light in their life. This gift is also a great way to remind that special person how much you care about them!


Angelite Heart - $25.00 CAD

Angelite hearts are a fantastic gift to give to your loved ones who are needing to feel love! It helps with connecting to the angel realm which can be a beneficial gift for someone who is looking for some guidance. Angelite crystals are great for receiving messages from your angels or spirit guides as well!


Gifts Under $50.00 CAD

The holiday season is such a beautiful and wonderful time of year! While gift giving is such a great opportunity to show your loved ones how grateful you are for them, it can sometimes be difficult to purchase a gift that shows just how much you care. Budgeting for gifts is also important if you’re buying for many! Here are just a few gift ideas for your loved ones that are under $50.00 CAD!


Happy Soul Crystal Buddy - $45.00 CAD

Looking to gift a cuddle buddy to a friend or family member? This soft cuddly bear will do just the trick! Scented with lavender, this bear will help you with better sleep with its softness and with its two crystals in the backpack! This bear comes with an amethyst and rose quartz crystal. Amethyst is great for sleep and dream recollection along with releasing negative patterns. Rose Quartz is ideal for self-love and creating a peaceful confidence which are both very useful for a good night’s sleep!


The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Deck - $41.00 CAD

Do you know anyone who is obsessed with Disney’s iconic holiday film The Nightmare Before Christmas? Well, this is definitely the gift for them! This tarot set has the traditional 78-card deck designed with illustrations that are relevant to the film! It is a great deck to learn tarot with as it does come with a guidebook which will help you gain confidence in interpreting simple spreads for easy readings!

Selenite Charging Plate Flower of Life - $50.00 CAD

This selenite charging plate is the perfect gift for someone who has a growing collection of crystals or is beginning to find interests in energy crystals! Selenite is known for cleansing auras, rooms and other crystals! Placing your crystals on this selenite plate will help with cleansing and charging your other energy crystals. This plate is wonderful for connecting with your spirit guides as well!


Moonology Diary 2022 - $28.00 CAD

This is a fan favourite! This Moonology diary is amazing for bringing massive positive change in your life! This diary will provide you insights on the 25 New and Full Moons, how to make the most of the eclipses, how to embrace the magic of New Moon wishing and Full Moon forgiveness and consciously creating what you desire in your life for the year of 2022. This is such a great gift for someone who loves to set and achieve goals all while listening and tuning into the higher energies to make the best of your new year!


Amethyst Point String Lights - $40.00 CAD

There is nothing more festive than string lights during the holiday season! These beautiful Amethyst Point String Lights will sure to bring smiles to your loved ones faces! Amethyst is a powerful energy crystal that is excellent for meditation, sleep, and dream recollection. This gift is perfect for basically everyone!


Pendulum Set - $48.00 CAD

This pendulum set is a great gift idea for those who are looking for more clarity from their spirit guides or the universe. This pendulum set comes with a clear quartz pendulum, which is great for balancing and energizing chakras and auras, a miniature pendulum map and a book titled A Little Bit of Pendulum Magic by DJ Conway. This a fun gift to use frequently by asking daily questions which will strengthen your trust and feeling for the pendulum!


Happy Soul Crystal Advent Calendar Standard - $40.00 CAD

Our take on an advent calendar will be sure to wow your loved ones! Valued at over $55.00 CAD, this crystal advent calendar contains 24 days of amazing crystals! This gift is great for those who are looking to grow their crystal collection or have just begun their energy crystal journey! From Amethyst to Tiger’s Eye, this gift will be a hit for sure!


Go Big! Gift Guides!

Choosing that perfect gift for that perfect someone can sometimes be very difficult! There are so many options these days to choose from! If you’re looking to wow your loved ones with the most extravagant gifts, then you are in the right place! Happy Soul is here to help you find the most meaningful and useful gifts for your loved ones.


Happy Soul Advent Calendar - $385.00 CAD

This beautiful and lavish gift will sure to put the biggest smile on your beloved’s face! The 24-day wooden advent calendar is filled with beautiful energy crystals from Citrine to Selenite and so much more. This gift is great for those who are either beginning their journey with energy crystals or are looking to grow their collection with the most perfect pieces!


Golden Healer Quartz Standing Piece - $300.00 CAD

This lovely standing piece is the perfect gift for someone who is looking for energizing pieces within their space and home. Golden Healer is recognized as an energy crystal that will energize your energy and release any old energies from chakras, one chakra at a time! This piece is perfect for the home or in the bedroom!


Bracelet Set – 12 Days of Christmas - $240.00 CAD

Need to purchase gifts for many loved ones but don’t know what to get them? These 12-day bracelets are great for just one person or to be shared out amongst friends and family! You can even purchase them for yourself to wear along with your fabulous holiday outfits! These bracelets can be worn by itself or combined with each other. The set comes with various crystal bracelets including Labradorite and Citrine. This gift is perfect because you can decide how you want to gift them!


Lepidolite Fairy - $120.00 CAD

Gifting someone this marvelous Lepidolite Fairy will be sure to leave both you and your loved one smiling. This is such a beautifully crafted gift that will shower your beloved with so much calming and inner peace energy. This fairy will look great in any environment and will provide the strongest vibrations that relates to the third eye chakra.


Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller Set - $70.00 CAD

Know someone who is in need of some serious self-care? This Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller Set will leave that special someone in truly the most relaxing state. Each set includes a rose quartz roller and a gua sha and is beautifully packaged in an easy to gift, gift box! There are so many benefits to the massage roller set like reducing dark under eye circles and clearing toxins from the skin. This truly is the perfect pampering gift!

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