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Om Ting Sha

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Tingsha Bells are an ideal instrument for space clearing. When tapped, the cymbals resonate a unique, identical bell sound that provides a pure, cleansing effect. The sound is believed to clear low vibrational energy – even the negative ones. When used, Tingsha bells offer therapeutic effects in the body and help with improving concentration and meditation, pursuing higher levels of awareness, improves breathing, feelings of stress, depression and grief, helps with lack of confidence, and having a positive outlook.

Clearing is done for a variety of reasons:

In Your Home

  • before or after moving homes
  • selling your home
  • suffering from a sudden need of repairs
  • your space is feeling heavy and making you sad
  • people keep fighting and arguing in your home 

In Work/Business

  • wanting to increase success and profitability
  • wanting to sell business is property fast
  • remove competitors bad energy and intentions
  • protection from negative spirits and forces


Each bell measures approximately 2" in diameter on a 10" genuine leather rope.



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