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Soulful Stories of Love & Empowerment by Anita Sechesky

Soulful Stories of Love & Empowerment by Anita Sechesky

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Stories of love. Love being the strongest energy in the Universe. These stories show us that if you are open to receive love, it can heal you through loss, birth, rebirth, and parts of us. Love can connect us to the Divine which is us.
When life gives you lemons do we always remember to make lemonade? Our book will be your lemonade. Your “go to source” for when life gets bumpy or when you need a boost. 

You will find the courage within yourself to gain strength through these amazing stories and to be able to finally live your EMPOWERED life.

Co-authors for the Love Vision: 
Joey Wargachuk, Annette Moreland (Sanetha), Danielle Hughes, Diane Freitas, Karen Phelps, Mary Lynn Stevenson, Mary Willemsen, Natalie Friese, Sarah Noseworthy Nickason, Suzanne Bertolas, Tara Nadia Campbell, Trina Virgin

Co-authors for the Empowerment Vision: 
Allan Pollett, Amna Malik, Ana Marie Gonzales Agojo, Barbara Finlay, Charise Morris, Janine Berridge-Paul, Laurentino Uscanga, Lisa Berry, Lori Canles-De Pala, Michelle Carter, Regina Neal, Rose Nixon, Tina Gaisin, Veronica Hislop


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