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Well TO Do: Raise Your Vibration and Your Hydration with Gem Water

Well TO Do: Raise Your Vibration and Your Hydration with Gem Water

Well TO Do contacted us with queries about putting crystals in water, and though this really excites us here at Happy Soul, we ensure that you must take caution when choosing which crystal varieties to use, as some may dissolve and may be harmful to ingest.

Here is an excerpt of the piece that Well TO Do wrote, and follow the link to read the entire article.

Remember when drinking a $2 plastic bottle of Evian was considered bougie? Now that toting around $60 glass or stainless steel bottles is the norm, we wondered: how can we make our daily water consumption feel just a little bit… extra? Enter: gem water.

“Gem waters are created when you place crystals in or around water to change the vibration of the water,” explains Happy Soul’s Joey Wargachuk. “Crystals are in high vibration and that affects and changes the molecular structures of water. Humans are 60%-70% water, so the effects of crystal vibration go deeper into the body when drinking gem waters.”

Much like our renewed obsession with crystals in general, the notion of placing crystals into water to internalize their energy far predates us.

Click here to read the whole article.



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  • Cassandra Morgan