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Racism and the Chakras: Beyond the Black and White

Racism and the Chakras: Beyond the Black and White

Black and white analogies plague our society with binary thinking. Things are explained as good or bad, right or wrong, etc. This way of examining things limits our healing and understanding. There is no room for the range and breadth of emotions needed to really heal. But we are human, not computers and we need more than ones and zeros to understand and live our lives to their fullest.  

Racism is no different, it is too large of an issue to be limited to using just two colors or binary thinking to heal (even if they can produce fifty shades of grey (couldn’t resist:)). To help heal the world of racism, we as individuals must delve into our emotions and energies to understand our own relationship with it. Dismantling racism is necessary to repair our collective unconscious, which in turn will lead to a deeper connection with ourselves as individuals.  A great way to enlighten ourselves and racism, is by using the full rainbow of colors available to us in the chakras.

Chakras, their colors and energies are a wonderful way to help gain understanding of how our individual healing can take place; but we can also use them to help heal the world from racism. During the ‘“Racism and the Chakras” workshop with Happy Soul, you will be introduced to the chakras and their energies, we will talk about how these energies manifest and how blocked or overactive chakras can lead to misunderstanding and a delayed awakening.  

Think of the red of the root chakra. The root is all about balance and feeling safe and secure. This energy is wonderful when balanced; it can make us feel grounded and steady but if it's not, oh boy, things can feel scary and uncertain. For many, realizing that racism is so prevalent in our society and has been used to build inequality, hate and mistreatment has rocked their understanding of the world and their place in it, to the core.  

Our society has been in denial about the depth and damage of racism, because it seemingly doesn’t affect those in positions of privilege. But injustice anywhere hurts us all. To really heal ourselves we need to help heal our relationship with a world that has been created with inequalities. As we deepen your healing process, we must be honest and real with ourselves. To help heal the world, we need to be honest about our own relationship with racism. Come join us and develop a deeper awareness of how to heal yourself and racism in technicolor, by using the chakras.

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