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Pet Charms for Nervousness and Rescued Pets

Pet Charms for Nervousness and Rescued Pets



It has never been easy with your furry friend, but you can’t help loving them anyway. They came from a place before you, and they experienced a very different life. They might have feelings of nervousness or anxiety from being in an abusive situation. They may act out sometimes, but they look up to you, because they know you care.

Pet Charms can help by setting loving intentions and raising vibrations, to ensure that your furry friend is feeling comfortable and at ease.

Aventurine and Amber are soothing and calming crystals.

Rose Quartz symbolizes love and acceptance.

Pet Charms for all kinds of issues with your furry friend. Attach one to their collar.

Available exclusively at Happy Soul. Buy one online or in store.

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  • Cassandra Morgan