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Pet Charms for Communication and Separation Anxiety

Pet Charms for Communication and Separation Anxiety

You fell in love with your furry friend as soon as you met them, but it hasn’t always been easy. They love you so much that they show it in very strange ways. Maybe they don’t listen, or they do very strange things when you leave the house. Maybe they fear that you won’t ever come back. They look up to you, because they know you care.

Pet Charms can help by setting loving intentions and raising vibrations, to ensure that your furry friend is feeling comfortable and confident.

Amethyst helps with focus and trust.

Green Aventurine is a calming crystal.

Clear Quartz helps to heighten communication issues.

Attach a Pet Charm to your furry friends' collar to help improve communication and listening skills.

Pet Charms for all kinds of issues with your furry friend.

Available exclusively at Happy Soul. Buy one in store or online.

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  • Cassandra Morgan