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NEW! Crystal Energy Spray Kits for KIDS

Does your child have trouble going to sleep (or staying asleep) at night, or hard to wake up in the morning? Introducing official Happy Soul Energy Spray Kits for KIDS! Using 100% pure essential oils and crystal energy, this fun do-it-yourself kit is an easy and educational tool for children to learn about scents, energies, and how it effects their own energy. The kits come with very simple instructions on how to assemble the crystals, pure essential oil and water into the kid-friendly spray bottle, which can be used at night time or first thing in the morning for an energy boost.

Good Morning Energizing Spray Kit includes Sweet Orange Citrus (100% pure essential oil), Orange Calcite and Citrine crystals to bring a fun and energetic boost first thing in the morning.

Sweet Dreams Sleepy Time Spray Kit includes the fresh and outdoorsy Scots Pine Tree (100% essential oil), Amethyst and Howlite crystals for relaxing and calming energy for bed time.

Instructions for use 
Drop crystals inside bottle.
Put around 4 drops of 100% Pure Essential Oil  into bottle and fill with water.
Screw on lid and give it a shake, and lightly spray the room. 


These products are not safe to use externally but DO NOT ingest.