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Introduction To The Akashic Records With A Message From Lemurian Mermaids

Introduction To The Akashic Records With A Message From Lemurian Mermaids

Hello Divine Soul, my name is Jordan and I want to share with you a channeled message from the Akashic Records and the timeline of Lemuria. But first, allow me to introduce myself and my journey of becoming acquainted with the energetic realm of The Akashic Records.  

Growing up, I was raised without any religious or spiritual beliefs. My parent's intention with this was to allow me to choose a path of religion on my own terms, when and if I felt called to explore it. Though, the one belief my mother did hold and share with me was that of reincarnation. I remember having conversations with her pondering what happened when our physical bodies died. She believed in Mediums as she had a few experiences meeting with psychics who could communicate with her father who had passed on a month after I was born. And so, she knew that our souls would live on past the expiration of the physical body and felt they would eventually be reincarnated into a new experience.  

I had my first tarot reading when I was about 14 years old from this wacky old woman who lived in the city I grew up in. I remember thinking this was so cool and taking notes on what she had predicted for my life. Within days the predictions started coming to fruition which affirmed my curiosity that there was a great force at play that we couldn’t perceive with our physical senses. 

Fast forward to 19 when I finally followed the intuitive call to be a helper and healer of humanity. After years of substance abuse, watching family members and friends suffer through addiction and mental health challenges- I decided to radically change my life and seek healing. I let go of my old ways and was accepted into a competitive program for Social Service Work, beginning my initiation into a deep level of healing and understanding myself and my past. I made honor roll for the first time in my life. Synchronistical, I helped move my grandmother into an apartment across the street from the local crystal and metaphysical shop. On my first visit, I was greeted by the kindest and intuitive souls who provided me with my first tarot deck and tumbled stones. I quickly began making connections between social sciences and spirituality- seeing the amazing potential for an even deeper level of healing when brought together.  

I started a blog to express what I had been learning and a small side business reading tarot and coaching others through difficult experiences. Another synchronistic event occurred, Happy Soul entered my life and I took my first intensive for crystal healing while finishing up my Social Work program. My practices began flourishing as I continued to dedicate time and energy to learning more about the unseen realms. Speaking with Spirit came naturally as I had always felt things so deeply but learned to turn that off growing up. Clairsentience and clairvoyance were my first psychic senses to be unlocked.  

The synchronistic events continued to unfold, I found an “Akashic Records” Tarot Deck on the Facebook Market Place, I didn’t know what it was but felt drawn to it and went to pick it up. To my surprise, this woman opened the door and was an extremely talented Akashic Record Reader. She started channeling and giving me a reading on the front porch. I knew this was no coincidence and felt the NEED to learn this skill from her. I sat with her for an entire Saturday as she taught me how to tap into this field of information, it came so naturally. I had done this work in many, many lifetimes before- I felt a sense of divine remembrance. And since that day, I have utilized this gift to assist others and myself in making transformations and deepening the understanding of Self and the Universe on a multidimensional level through connections with past lives and channeled wisdom from Ascended Masters, Angels, and Beings of Light.  

~ A Channeling from The Akashic Records ~ 

“Where we came from, is the same One Source

We may appear different in our physical manifestation of God

Though the thing that makes us up, 

Is the same thread of consciousness being expressed in tangible form

As we spend lifetimes swimming through the cosmic waters of Light and Sound

Physicality shifts and takes form

Through the unifying field that is forever present and ever-expanding through the One Creator -

You, Me, Us, Oneness. 

We swim to the darkest depths of the Ocean

And still remain light in our origin

The darkness is where our sparkle has the opportunity to shine its brightest

Lighting the way for another soul to follow

Into the deepness, seemingly unreachable and unending at times 

To access codes illuminating and initiating us further into our truest Self 

We may revisit the depths in cycling periods throughout incarnations past and future 

Receiving insights and something glowingly special 

To return with us to the surface

The Golden Pearl, 

The one only you could uncover through your unique connection to Oneness and All That Is

Deeply encoded in your blueprint, your gifts brilliantly disguised as something other than what it truly was ~ 

Oneness forgotten and mistaken as separation 

A journey to remembering the wholeness that has always been nudging us to explore a little deeper into the depths of the Ocean we hold inside

For when this pearl emerges in our divine hand, a piece of the cosmic puzzle clicks together to be felt deeply by All 

Profound cellular transformation is occurring within each of us and you 

Making way for the healing of all timelines, 

Merging back into the multidimensional Oneness 

Humanity beginning to perceive all that was once forgotten 

Through each of your emerging Golden Pearls of Wisdom 

Rippling through the thread of consciousness, awakening yet another soul to their remembrance 

Initiating yet another shadow into a sparkling Light 

For all of Oneness to feel, sense, and know itself a little deeper, a little fuller, until the moment comes for all to remember the innate state of Creation 

Manifest in perfect form and time ~

We all began with Light and Sound

And we will all return there, with our Golden Pearls in hand”


- A Love Letter from The Mermaid Beings of Lemuria 



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