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Crystal Facial Massage Rollers

Crystal Facial Massage Rollers

You may have seen or heard of Crystal Facial Massage Rollers recently, but the invention is not a new one. 

It is the oldest, simplest, safest and most natural way to help soften muscles and tension under your skin. 

The benefits of the using a Crystal Facial Massage Roller includes:

– Improvement of blood circulation and skin tone
– Clearing toxins from the skin
– Improvement of elasticity of skin

– Promotion of lymphatic drainage
– Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
– Reduces dark under eye circles
– Tightening and reducing pore size
– Reducing blemish break outs

How do I use a Crystal Facial Massage Roller?

Use in the morning or at night after cleaning your face. You can apply face cream or oils to your skin if you chose, but it is not necessary. Then, slowly roll the Crystal Massage Roller over the face and neck for up to a couple of minutes, with a soft but firm hold.

If you love to pamper your skin and wish to add some Crystal energy to your beauty ritual, consider using a Crystal Facial Massage Roller. The roller can be used in other areas of the body that may have tension building up, such as the palms, arms, shoulders or feet.

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  • Cassandra Morgan