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10-Week Master Tarot Reader Certification

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Wednesdays 7 - 8:30pm

This is a 10-week introduction course on reading tarot cards for our own use and to read for others. This course will use the standard Rider-Waite deck, and if you don't have a deck, you can purchase your own at Happy Soul.

Those that attend all 10 weeks and pass the test will receive a Tarot Reader certificate!

Get a free Tarot Reading from Joey Wargachuk to experience how professionals read!

Receive 5 handouts:
- tarot cheat sheet
- 8 layout spreads
- tarot numerology
- tarot and astrology
- making money with tarot

Those who complete the 10-week course will receive a digital copy of all course material (108 pages).

Homework required:
- 5 case studies of 3-card readings
- 5 tests
- final exam: 3-card Tarot Reading for instructor

Tarot Master Workshop Outline

Week 1: Intro to Tarot

Wednesday January 3 2018 at 7pm

Week 2: Major Arcana

Wednesday January 10 2018 at 7pm

Week 3: Minor Arcana: The Suit of Cups

Wednesday January 17 2018 at 7pm

Week 4: The Suit of Pentacles

Wednesday January 24 2018 at 7pm

Week 5: The Suit of Wands

Wednesday January 31 2018 at 7pm

Week 6: The Suit of Swords

Wednesday February 7 2018 at 7pm

Week 7: Mastering Court Cards

Wednesday February 14 2018 at 7pm

Week 8: Numerology and Astrology in Tarot
February 21 Wednesday 2018 at 7pm

Week 9: Reading Reversals
February 28 Wednesday 2018 at 7pm

Week 10: Make Money with Tarot
March 7 Wednesday 2018 at 7pm

New Cycle

Week 1: Intro to Tarot

Wednesday March 21 2018 at 7pm

About the Instructor

Joey Wargachuk, a professional Tarot Reader who was taught by his grandmother as a preteen. Joey gives readings at Happy Soul.

Workshops are held at 961 Bloor West in Toronto.

Please arrive 5 minutes early.

Enroll online today! Spaces are limited.