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1 Day Beginners Guide to Gratitude Journaling!

1 Day Beginners Guide to Gratitude Journaling!

There's been a lot of hype nowadays about mindfulness, self-care, and one of those buzzwords that keep getting dropped is gratitude. For a large quantity of the population, gratitude is something that is talked about around Thanksgiving dinner tables, but not really factor into our day-to-day life.


Until you take a closer look at what gratitude really is, it's easy to overlook the power of it. Essentially, it is a practice where you can focus your energy in the most positive way.   An example of energy being focused in a less-than-ideal way would be anger. Oftentimes we find that people will go through bouts of explosive anger, channeling energy and strength and for that they would otherwise not have. With the power of gratitude, the energy is less visceral, but it's much more powerful. The process of focusing on the things that are present in your life causes them to expand, and if you bring an energy that you don’t want while focusing on them, it changes the way they grow.  


For example, studies have shown that if you have a plant that you don’t pay much attention to, give it what it needs, it will grow at the regular rate and look like it should. If you focus on it with lower vibration feelings such as discouragement, hatred, disgust, and despair, even with the same upkeep, it won’t grow as well and may become twisted and malformed.  The last plant in this triad is the same species of plant, but the focus on it is one of love, adoration, gratitude, and appreciation. You will find that even with the same nutritional regiment, this one will have deeper roots, wider leaves and grow much larger. The high vibration being bestowed on this plant helped it become the best it could be, and often, even bigger, better and more beautiful than any other of its species has been observed to become.


This can be your life. 


For those who have studied ancient texts, multiple spiritual leaders, and successful business people, three things show up continually and when used together guarantee the sought;

  1. Clarity - Visioning what you desire, so much so it feels natural and, in the present,
  2. Surrendering - whether that’s faith, delegating to others, or making room for the Universe to sort something out.
  3. Gratitude - Holding the lens of positive expansion upon any situation, happenstance or environment, transforming it into something life bringing. 


Being able to channel the energy can be tricky, especially in today's world full of notifications, distractions, and unending information see, and that's why gratitude journaling is an amazing practice to foster. When you are writing your statements of gratitude, you are giving more time, focus, and energy to it then if you just thought about gratitude, or set it out loud. the level of intention is higher, the power in the statements is stronger.


The fun thing about gratitude journaling is it doesn't have to be an arduous task, in fact it works better when it's done from a space of “I get to” vs “ I have to”. 

You always have the choice to feel gratitude, and it’s up to you to train yourself to focus on the benefit vs any negatives.   The more you practice, the more you encourage your brain to see the positive in things, the solutions to your problems, the blessings that are always coming towards you.

An easy way to get started with gratitude journaling is to get a guided one to help you create a consistent practice, and give you prompts and ideas for your writing. My favorite gratitude journals are the Please Notes gratitude journals, and they're filled to the brim with affirmations, positive uplifting quotes,100 gratitude prompts and exercises for you to complete in real life to let the gratitude leave your bedroom and permeate more areas of your life.


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